To our business friends .....

It is our great pleasure to take opportunity to introduce our business activities to you through presenting the pre-qualification document.

Established in Indonesia in 1975. PT. Wasa Mitra Engineering is playing a leading role to provide engineering for Construction, Fabrication and Supply in the field of Power plant, Industrial plant, such as Cement, Petrochemical and Fertilizer, Mining Industries, Communication System and also Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Plant, etc.

Adoption of modern and appropriate management and planning techniques. maintenance a highly skilled work force with high level of commitment allow us to serve our clients better with of competitive price and quality product.

The Energy behind Wasa Mitra Engineering is indisputably our own human resources, with very selectively in employee recruitment, only those have high motivation are given chance to join our team.

To increase capability and know how to our employee, we facilitated some regular training program for all levels which are conducted in house bases or in established training bases at home an abroad to maximize their potentials and given them broad opportunities for their advancement.

The following pages, will give you a clear picture of Wasa Mitra Engineering Company, our capability and ability to give you satisfaction to join with us.

We firmly believe that we would qualify as good business partner with you respectable firm and have a chance to demonstrate our capabilities by serving you with quality at competitive price, you satisfaction is our prime goal and commitment.

Best Regards
President Director